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From international icons to local favourites

We offer a wide variety of salty snacks. Under Chio and Pom-Bär brands, you will find many types of salty snacks, for example different flavours of potato chips, baked products and extruded snacks.

Discover the brands of Intersnack Hungary

Chio was the first German potato chips brand, originally created in 1962 by the Von Opel Family in Hofgut Petersau. The name Chio is taken from the first letters of the family members: Carlo, Heinz and Irmgard von Opel.

Over the years, Chio has grown to become the second biggest brand in the Intersnack portfolio and today’s consumers can enjoy a wide range of Chio Snacks including potato chips, tortilla chips, specialties, baked products, popcorn and coated nuts.

Chio can be found in more than 15 countries in Europe today.  It is a brand that inspires friends to have fun and live freely.

The first packet of POM-BÄR was sold in 1987 and the brand quickly became a favourite snack for the whole family. Today the POM-BÄR range has become one of the leading brands in the family snack segment in over 30 countries. POM-BÄR snacks, with their distinctive little bear shape, melt in the mouth and are offered in a variety of delicious flavours. They are made with no artificial flavours, colourings, added flavour enhancers or preservatives.